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The purpose of Gateway Alliance Church is to glorify God by being obedient to both His command to love and His commission to make disciples.

May 1,2020 UPDATE
Hello everyone,
I wanted to wait to send an update until I heard more from Governor Sununu today.  The state has laid out a new plan that will be in effect until May 31st.  
Based upon what I have heard from the press conference, we will not be able to gather in the building for the month of May.  We will need to continue having the services via livestream.  
I am not going to try and make any long term projections into June or later in the summer.  We will take this on a short term basis as the state lays out more guidelines.  
I will be spending this month trying to continue to plan for when we can gather again.  There are many things to think through and changes that will have to be made for when we are able to gather again.  
Thanks to everyone who has continued to send in their tithes and offerings.  Your generous spirits continue to shine brightly during these difficult times.
As we continue on this path I encourage you to reach out to neighbors and other contacts.  This is a time of opportunity to share the love of Christ.  
Thank you for your patience, encouragement, and prayers.  
Onward we go,

Mission Statement:

We desire to know Jesus Christ as Savior, Sanctifier, Healer, and Coming King and to complete His Great Commission. The Alliance will fulfill His Commission through

  • Evangelizing and discipling persons throughout the United States,
  • Incorporating them into Christ-centered, community-focused congregations, and
  • Mobilizing them for active involvement in a global effort designed to plant Great Commission churches among unengaged, unreached responsive peoples worldwide.

Core Values:

Our mission central objectives are critical to all we are and do.

  • Lost people matter to God.He wants them found. Luke 19:10
  • Prayer is the primary work of God's people. Philippians 4:6-7
  • Everything we have belongs to God.We are only stewards. 1 Chronicles 29:14
  • Knowing and obeying God's Word is fundamental to all true success.Joshua 1:8
  • Completing the Great Commission will require the mobilization of every fully devoted disciple. Matthew 28:19
  • Without the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, we can accomplish nothing. 1 Corinthians 2:4-5
  • Achieving God's purposes involves taking faith-filled risks. This always involves change. Hebrews 11:6